Who are the BSIT IV? Well, we are the proud IT graduates (S.Y 2008-2009) of Sorsogon State College Bulan Campus  aiming to keep in touch with one another despite of the distance and circumstances that separates us. Though we are leading different roads and living different lives now, the bond of friendship--the camaraderie and rapport shared will continuously warmth our spirits, reminding us of the laughter, the sorrows, the petty quarrels and  stupid things we used to do. We are happy to belong in a group with diverse personalities but with tremendous love and respect for one another. As the years go by, the memories might fade but still, each one of us will forever be a part of everyone's life.    

Who Are the BSIT IV?

Getting wacky.  Everyone's enjoying the simple party we had last Christmas. On the picture (from the right) were ranly, gigie, denny, rizza, jeric, arcel, tintin, gizelle, macia. anjeaneth, jessa, harold, alex, jhon paul and joana.


All hands and Smile. These guys were really up to making fun.


 Really Close Group Picture. Hey guys, how many bottles of liquor did you consume?  You all wear red faces already...LOL.

Dabarkads. The tres marias and company.